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Passionate, Motivational Speeches

Lisa Marie has been a sought out inspirational speaker internationally.

She feels incredibly fortunate to have the freedom and excitement that she experiences in all areas of her life. It’s broad, fun and complete. Lisa Marie feels strongly that everyone deserves to have what she gets to experience day to day and she can show you how.

Lisa Marie is backed by a large amount of personal development and training. She has engaged some of the world's top wealth and mindset coaches to get to where she is today. She wants to share everything she has learned with you.



Success Sessions tailored to you achieving your dreams and desires.

Lisa is the founder of Standout Success and has trained with Australia’s leading coaching organisation: The Coaching Institute, and is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Deep State Re-patterning (DSR) practitioner.


She has used these skills, and knowledge and experience gained to help enhance the lives of men and women who are looking to:

  • Maintain or boost peak performance

  • Learn success strategies

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

  • Feel fulfilled and excited about life

  • Restore positive emotions and beliefs

  • Release unhealthy habits

  • Become comfortable with public speaking

  • Improve health and well-being

  • Experience incredible relationships

  • Take life to a whole new level

eDISC Consulting

One of the common challenges in business is communication – both internal and external. Statistics have shown that 89% of our time at work is spent communicating and only 11% spent actually doing the job. Imagine if we can communicate better and more efficiently. Not only this, communicate for better understanding and harmony between personnel. Studies show that when people are directed towards a purpose and respect how others work and the roles they individually play, results are excellent and this effects your bottom line in ways which are measurable.


With eDISC, an online test is completed by each individual/ From this, individual and customised reports can be provided for each of your staff. Collectively this data can be collated to provide team, department and even whole company reports showing the behavioural types of all individuals and where strengths – and therefore weaknesses – exist in your business. Using this information, Lisa Marie can then help your business learn why there may be challenges in some areas and not others, and also how to help future proof your business and ensure that leaders within your business are in alignment with your vision and mission.


Real Estate Investing

Have you always thought about and wondered how to get into real estate investing? Maybe you are a real estate investor and you’re keen to learn about other markets outside of where you already invest. As a property strategist, Lisa Marie can help you learn the techniques and strategies utilised by the world’s top real restate investors. 8 out of 10 millionaires recommend real estate as their top investment. Find out how you can start or continue building your real estate portfolio for wealth creation!



"We are ultimately the greatest artists we will ever meet, for we paint the portrait of our lives every day.

The colours and textures uniquely our own, the creation our most magnificent masterpiece imaginable."

- Lisa Hodge

For any queries for speaking, coaching, eDISC consulting or real estate investing,

please fill in the form below or contact me on +61 439 933 220.

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